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Munahhemana is an Islamic Game that aims to help Muslim youth learn about the formation of the Islamic civilization during the Prophecy era via the game. Munahhemana is a cultural product, a board game with excellent features, competitive with many world-famous board games, from their illustration and strategic design to product quality.

In the role of an important tribe in Medina, the player helps the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by performing specific missions. This is implemented in the game by using Islamic symbols, completing a puzzle, and deploying civilizing powers. Therefore, the players adventure in the history of Islam and contribute to the development of the Islamic civilization.

This is the indirect teaching and learning of the religious identity at the heart of play and entertainment. A fresh alternative to indirect teaching of Islamic concepts and inspirational and engaging for the community’s young people. It is a game suitable for Islamic party gatherings.

We believe in the face-to-face socialization of Muslim families, Islamic schools, and communities as they share pastimes. We believe that learning can be entertainment. Some of the greatest things we learn that last a lifetime are the fruits of spending time with each other. Life is about learning. Learning is about growing and having fun in mind and soul.

Each game comes with two additional easy modes instructions called Pattern mode and tribe mode to make the game easy to play for even under 8-year-old age.

Age Group:
Below 8 Pattern and Tribe Modes
8+ for Routine, Co-Op & Solo

This is not a Figs & Olives production, rather, we supply the product to support Miras Games.

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