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Figs & Olives Publications aims to make a powerful contribution to Muslim literature. Our goal is to bridge the gap that exists in English Islamic literature and provide parents and professionals a trustworthy source for children’s education.

Most importantly, our goal is to give Muslim children the opportunity to see themselves as the protagonist of a story, to have their adventures illustrated with an exciting narrative, and to use familiar Muslim traits in all the main characters. But above all else, our goal is to provide them with an Islamic foundation that grounds them as their imagination comes to life.




But Why is the Hijab so Special?

Let’s give our children the opportunity to be the protagonist of their favorite book!

An in-depth exploration of the importance of the hijab. The main themes are Islamic jurisdiction, theology, society, self-growth, and obedience to God.

To Enter His Gardens

To Enter His Gardens brings five remarkable concepts to life, all integral to the Muslim identity.

With it, a child will learn what it means to believe in God without hesitation. They’ll learn how modesty is a universal concept, and how to stand by the jurisdiction of God courageously. They’ll realize the metaphysical aspect of prayer and how important it is. Most importantly, they’ll believe in their potential to become the best version of themselves.

“I liked the humor, pleasant family, and community interactions. The hijab philosophy that the book explains is quite deep, and not the stereotypical reasons.”
Tahera Kassamali
“But Why is the Hijab so Special?” warmed my heart. At a time when modern world is making it difficult for our young daughters and sister to outwardly practice their faith, this book fives the chance to claim back their narrative and assert their identity as Muslim women. Every parent should have this gem at home for their child to understand the hijab before they are crowned with it. I cannot wait for the nights I read this with my daughter, God willing.”
Sayed Hussein Makke
“But Why is the Hijab so Special?” was a true joy to read! May Allah bless Sister Sahar Jaber. I am so glad to see our youth have begun to enter the field and write on Islamic topics in the right way. I found the reader could easily compare herself to the main character. She was the right age. Many Islamic moral values and traits were clearly demonstrated in the story. The lesson was clear. The language was at child level.”
Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani
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Figs & Olives is proud to announce a new initiative to support small local Lebanese businesses. With every purchase, funds are given to these small shops to support them in this difficult economic times. We have specifically sourced out businesses in need of your support.