To Enter His Gardens

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To Enter His Gardens, written by Mariam Charara, is a compilation of five children’s books, each tackling a specific topic that echoes the theme of having conviction in one’s faith. In our society, the easy access to indecency and the normalization of sin undoubtedly affect our Muslim communities. With powerful platforms like social media, it is incumbent upon families to ensure they raise their children as firm believers in their faith. To do this, parents must find ways to explain Islamic values and teachings so that children can understand, love, and apply them to their lives. To Enter His Gardens aims to implement the love of Allah and the righteous practices of the Islamic faith in the hearts of children around the world.

- Five books plus a hard shell case.
- Each book collection comes with two novelty magnets!

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To Enter His Gardens collection

Pray Pray

Book Preview

Percieve Believe

Book Preview

A Universal Hijab

Book Preview

Because Allah
Said So

Book Preview

A Bold

Book Preview

Mariam Dhoui Charara

Mariam Dahoui Charara is a dedicated mother and writer with a passion for promoting understanding and appreciation of Islam through children’s literature. With a background in journalism and teaching, Mariam has always been committed to using her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world. After noticing a lack of Islamic children’s literature that covered critical topics and subjects, Mariam decided to take matters into her own hands and write her own books to fill that gap. Through her writing, Mariam hopes to reach children worldwide and help them build a strong foundation in their faith. With a timeless passion for writing and a desire to make a difference, Mariam is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of Islam through her children’s literature.

Author of ‘To Enter His Gardens’ Collection

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