One-On-One Coaching


Private one-on-one mentorship is available for individuals looking to work on specific growth points in a private, constructive environment. This mentorship is an investment in yourself as an individual, mother, and wife. The monastery fees are immeasurable in terms of the change you will see.

Kawthar Taha must reserve all appointments at +1 343 451 6201.

We only take on three mentorees at a time to ensure she can provide them with the quality time and service they deserve. The mentorship does require from your end that you give the following:
1) Consistency
2) Patience in results
3) Effort
4) Self-reflection
5) Devotion
These five commitments will ensure that you will achieve the change you deserve.

Some important information to note:
1) You must first commit to the mentorship for the next two months, as this will impact Sister Sahar's calendar and reserved spots.
2) The meeting time will be consistent and the same each week. For example, you will have a session with Sister Sahar every Monday from 10 to 11 a.m.
3) Please send Kawthar your three best scheduled times, and I will see if they work with Sister Sahar's mentorship timetable.
4) Each session is charged at 90 USD and is asked to be paid in bi-monthly installments. This will ensure that they are paid per time every two months. The payments must take place before the beginning of the bi-monthly schedule.

Details of the sessions:
1) Each session is a duration of 50 to 60 minutes
2) They occur once a week at the same time each week.
3) We ask that you choose a time in which you can devote that complete time to the mentorship
4) We ask that you reschedule for a day before or after the session (such as Sunday or Tuesday in this instance) to ensure enough time per session and consistency.
5) A laptop is asked to be used for these sessions
6) Must have a dedicated journal for these sessions and have it by you during the classes.
7) Homework will be given after each session. You must try to complete them, as they will impact the success of your mentorship. Here is a breakdown of it:
The initial session is always one in which Sister Sahar determines your strengths and weaknesses, which you will, inshAllah, work on together.
After two days, you will receive a schedule detailing what you will need to do each week. It will ask you to listen to 1) an Islamic lecture and 2) a Life-lesson podcast.
- ⁠The purpose of this task is for the classes to be more fruitful in discussion rather than only a lecture from Sister Sahar.
⁠You must reflect on the knowledge you gain; ultimately, the mentorship is for your success as a confident individual.

After making the payment, kindly follow up with Kawthar at +1 343 451 6201.

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