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Figs&olives donations

Making a difference  

Donating Figs & olives will help in many fields: publishing new books, workshops, films, and reducing prices of books.

Figs&olives donations

Never to humiltation  hussein

Donations also targets adults, book and animated film.

For Adults:

  • Descriptive adult comic book on the sorrow and tragedy of 10th of Muharram
  • 1.5-hour animated film with lamentation and voice over accompaying the book

Figs&olives donations

the new adolescent novel

But why is Prayer so Special is a novel  that targets adolescent, analysis of the importance of the prayer.

Figs&olives donations

Moreover, the islamic folktale

Once Upon A Journey, by supporting us we can provide:

  • Teaches adolescents fundamental Islamic principles through short stories.
  • Each story offers its unique approach to bettering our morals & beliefs.
  • Key themes focusing on life’s purpose, intentions, goal-oriented, and God.

Figs&olives donations

To see as god sees

By donating us, you will help teens and young adults to search for god, donation goes a long way:

  • Follows the journey of Yahya Jr. – a young orphan on a quest to understand how his parents have come to see as God sees.
  • Multilayered in depth – made to be read over and over again in search of God.
  • A fictional quest that guides teens & young adults back to the core questions of their youth.

Figs&olives donations

any amount wether big or small, helps

With your donation, we can offer:

  • Future book characters to include your loved ones’ names or facial features.
  • A page that asks the reader to recite the Fatiha to a deceased loved one.

1-Sponsoring books for schools or individuals in lower income:

One way to support Fig and Olives Publications is by sponsoring books for distribution to schools or individuals in lower-income communities. This helps to ensure that these important resources are available to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Sponsor books

2-Donating money:

Another way to support Fig and Olives Publications is by making a financial donation. This can be a one-time gift or a recurring donation and can be made through the organization’s website or through a mail-in donation form.

Donate money

3-Volunteering time and resources:

In addition to financial donations, individuals and organizations can also support Fig and Olives Publications by volunteering their time and resources. This might include helping with book production, distribution, marketing efforts, or assisting with fundraising efforts.

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4-Spreading the word:

Another way to support Fig and Olives Publications is by spreading the word about the organization and its work. This might involve sharing information about the organization on social media, telling friends and family about the importance of its work, or featuring Fig and Olives Publications in a blog or newsletter.

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5-Sponsoring a hijab mentorship program:

Finally, another way to support Fig and Olives Publications is by sponsoring a hijab mentorship program. This might involve providing financial support to cover the costs of the program, or volunteering time and resources to help mentor participants. A hijab mentorship program can be a great way to help promote understanding and acceptance of Islamic traditions and can provide valuable support and guidance to individuals who are interested in wearing the hijab.

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